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In this report, we drill down into the developer and data scientist demographic from our 2019 State of Data Science survey of 5,000 users. From the data we find key differences and similarities between the two roles, including:

-Tool preferences
- Coding background
- Model delivery techniques

In this report we address how these roles overlap in the data science life cycle and how we overcome tool diversity to ensure collaboration.

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You already know that implementing an enterprise-ready data science platform is key to executing your organization’s AI and machine learning initiatives. But how can you be sure your implementation runs smoothly?
In this on-demand webinar, Sr. Sales Engineer Victor Ghadban walks you through best practices for ensuring a successful implementation process. Drawing from his extensive experience working with Anaconda Enterprise customers, Victor shares tips and tricks for:
- Defining a clear SOW
- Assembling the right team
- Circumventing cost overruns
- Avoiding disruptions to productivity
- Adopting the platform across the enterprise

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Creating Context for Data Scientist and Developer Collaboration